Dec 312005

We close out 2005 with 10 games on schedule including some pretty interesting ones. Calgary-Edmonton should be very entertaining as usual, and Los Angeles-Dallas should prove quite interesting as well. Two games are listed as too close to call. In those I think Vancouver will defeat Minnesota and Toronto will defeat New Jersey.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Pittsburgh NY Rangers NY Rangers Good
Washington Philadelphia Philadelphia Good
St. Louis Anaheim Anaheim Some
Minnesota Vancouver Pick N/A
New Jersey Toronto Pick N/A
Detroit Columbus Detroit Strong
Carolina Montreal Carolina Good
Dallas Los Angeles Dallas Good
Phoenix Colorado Phoenix Some
Calgary Edmonton Calgary Some
Dec 302005

There are 7 games on schedule tonight three of which my algorithm has decided is too close to call. But since I am more daring than my algorithm, I’ll make a prediction on those games. I’ll choose Florida who has been playing a bit better lately over the struggling Canadiens. I’ll take Nashville over the Oilers and San Jose over Colorado. I think all of the predicted games have the potential for an upset except for the Senators. I just can’t see them losing to the Islanders. Ottawa eats up mediocre goaltending and only teams with top goaltending has really been able to beat them. The Islanders goaltending just isn’t that good and Ottawa could have another 6+ goal game.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Ottawa NY Islanders Ottawa Strong
Tampa Bay Boston Tampa Bay Good
Florida Montreal Pick N/A
Buffalo Atlanta Buffalo Some
Chicago Columbus Chicago Good
Edmonton Nashville Pick N/A
San Jose Colorado Pick N/A
Dec 292005

Six games on schedule tonight with some which should prove to be fairly interesting. Carolina-Philadelphia should be quite entertaining to watch and while Carolina is the predicted winner I think this game is going to go the Flyers way. In the pick-em games I am going to pick Buffalo over Toronto since Buffalo is the team that the Maple Leafs always have trouble with. In the other pick-em games I’ll go with New Jersey over Pittsburgh and Los Angeles over Phoenix.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Carolina Philadelphia Carolina Some
Toronto Buffalo Pick N/A
Pittsburgh New Jersey Pick N/A
Dallas St. Louis Dallas Strong
Calgary Minnesota Calgary Good
Phoenix Los Angeles Pick N/A
Dec 282005
Rank Last Week Team Win-Loss Power Rank
1 1 Ottawa 25- 9 15.0
2 3 Nashville 24-10 13.3
3 2 Dallas 23-12 13.3
4 5 Buffalo 25-12 12.6
5 6 Los Angeles 23-15 12.3
6 8 Detroit 25-12 12.2
7 4 Carolina 22-13 12.2
8 10 Philadelphia 22-13 12.1
9 9 Calgary 21-16 11.7
10 7 Vancouver 20-16 11.6
11 12 Edmonton 21-16 11.4
12 13 Toronto 20-17 11.0
13 14 Colorado 19-18 10.9
14 11 Montreal 17-17 10.5
15 15 NY Rangers 21-16 10.5
16 16 Tampa Bay 19-18 10.2
17 17 Phoenix 18-19 10.0
18 18 NY Islanders 17-18 9.8
19 20 Anaheim 16-20 9.5
20 22 Minnesota 16-20 8.7
21 19 San Jose 15-20 8.6
22 21 New Jersey 15-21 8.2
23 24 Atlanta 16-21 8.2
24 26 Florida 14-24 7.7
25 23 Chicago 13-22 7.5
26 25 Boston 13-23 7.4
27 27 Washington 12-22 7.4
28 28 Columbus 10-26 6.1
29 30 St. Louis 8-25 5.1
30 29 Pittsburgh 8-27 5.1
Dec 282005

Here are tonights game predictions. In the pick-em games I think Colorado will defeat Los Angeles, Vancouver will defeat Nashville, and San Jose will defeat Phoenix.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Islanders NY Rangers NY Islanders Some
Atlanta Philadelphia Philadelphia Some
Florida Boston Florida Some
Columbus Anaheim Anaheim Some
Ottawa Carolina Ottawa Good
New Jersey Washington New Jersey Some
Tampa Bay Montreal Tampa Bay Some
Chicago St. Louis Chicago Good
Colorado Los Angeles Pick N/A
Edmonton Minnesota Edmonton Good
Vancouver Nashville Pick N/A
San Jose Phoenix Pick N/A
Dec 272005

Only 4 games on schedule tonight but potentially four close games if my prediction algorithm knows anything as 3 of the games are pick-em games. In those 3 pick-em games I’ll chose Toronto over Pittsburgh, Dallas over Detroit and Calgary over Nashville.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Washington Boston Washington Some
Pittsburgh Toronto Pick N/A
Dallas Detroit Pick N/A
Calgary Nashville Pick N/A
Dec 262005

With the Christmas break now over the NHL is back on schedule with a full slate of games today. Here are the game predictions. In the pick-em games I’d pick Atlanta over Montreal, Chicago over Columbus, and Carolina over Tampa.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Buffalo NY Islanders Buffalo Good
Atlanta Montreal Pick N/A
Florida Philadelphia Philadelphia Some
Columbus Chicago Pick N/A
Toronto New Jersey Toronto Good
Ottawa NY Rangers Ottawa Strong
Tampa Bay Carolina Pick N/A
St. Louis Dallas Dallas Strong
Colorado Phoenix Colorado Some
Edmonton Minnesota Edmonton Good
Vancouver Calgary Vancouver Some
Los Angeles San Jose Los Angeles Good
Dec 232005

A full schedule of games tonight. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time for analysis. But a surprise is the Ottawa Senators being just a pick-em in their game against the Islanders. But I guess with the way the Senators have played recently it makes sense. But I think the Senators will win tonight because the Islanders goaltending isn’t alway up to par and the Senators can kill poor goaltending. In the other pick-em games I’m picking Philadelphia over Pittsburgh, Tampa over Buffalo and Minnesota over Colorado.

There are no more games until after Christmas to I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a fun and safe Christmas.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Toronto Boston Toronto Good
NY Islanders Ottawa Pick N/A
Washington Montreal Montreal Some
Carolina Florida Carolina Strong
Columbus Nashville Nashville Good
New Jersey Atlanta New Jersey Good
Pittsburgh Philadelphia Pick N/A
Tampa Bay Buffalo Pick N/A
Minnesota Colorado Pick N/A
Chicago Detroit Detroit Some
Dallas Phoenix Dallas Good
Edmonton Los Angeles Edmonton Some
Vancouver Calgary Vancouver Some
San Jose St. Louis San Jose Some
Dec 222005

Just a quick note about the upcoming holiday season and game predictions. Due to the fact that the Christmas season is more hectic than than normal and daily schedules are thrown way out of whack posting times of game predictions might be all over the board. I still hope to get predictions posted for every day but I am just not sure when they will occur and if I do happen to miss a day I apologize in advance.

Here are today’s game predictions. The game to watch tonight has to be Ottawa-Philadelphia which has developed into a heated rivalry in recent years. It will also be a test for the Senators who haven’t had a great December so far at 4-2-3 and will be looking to prove themselves against another top eastern conference team. The San Jose-Phoenix game is a game that should produce a result different than the prediction. San Jose is dramatically improved post-Thornton trade and this isn’t yet fully impacted the prediction algorithm yet which is why San Jose is listed as the underdog. San Jose should win this game though.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Boston Toronto Toronto Some
NY Rangers Tampa Bay NY Rangers Some
Philadelphia Ottawa Ottawa Some
Atlanta Washington Atlanta Some
Florida Buffalo Buffalo Good
Colorado Minnesota Colorado Good
Phoenix San Jose Phoenix Some