Nov 262005

It took 15 shooters but the Rangers finally won the shootout on a goal by Marek Malik. And what a beauty goal it was. The shootout was actually becoming somewhat comical watching 4th liners and defensemen try to score on the shootout. That was until Washington’s Bryan Muir scored to give the Caps a 3-2 shootout lead. But then Jason Strudwick came right back and tied it up again for the Rangers. That’s when Matt Bradley made his attempt and failed which set it up for Marek Malik to win the game for the Rangers. Not only did he win the game, he did in on a between the legs shot which fooled Olaf Kolzig. It was so good I quickly got the VCR going so I could capture it and show you all. If you haven’t seen the goal you can download it here. It is approximately 1MB long so those on dialup it might take a bit to download but trust me, it is worth it.

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    […] isn’t easy being a hockey ref Posted: November 27th, 2005 Filed Under: Sports, Videos speaking of hockey… check out this goal on a shootout…slick […]


    […] All the talk around the NHL the past day or two has been the exciting Marik Malik goal to win the game on the 15th shooter for the NY Rangers. Almost everyone is talking about how exciting the shootout is and how, for that reason, it is here to say. Some are even going to say that the shootout will soon come to playoff hockey. I say, let’s not get carried away. Take it from the tired legs of people who were at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night, stood at the start of the shootout, never sat down and were jumping when the Rangers won the thing in the 15th round. –Mark Herrmann […]

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