Just Avery?

Apparently Los Angeles King forward Sean Avery has been fined for diving in a game vs the Phoneix Coyote’s on November 3rd. I say, why just Avery? I’ve seen people diving left, right and center from Jason Spezza to Sydney Crosby. I’ve commented on this before. I wonder if the NHL will have the guts to fine, and eventually suspend, the stars in the league. I suspect not preferring to suspend someone that fans at best don’t care about and at worst totally despise for his off-ice comments.

The NHL really needs to clean up the diving and embellishing. It happenes in pretty much every gane I watch. But the NHL also needs to clean up the over-zealous penalty calling I see in some games too. I’ve seen penalties called several times on instances where a guy lost an edge and fell down but no infraction was made. Would someone in the NHL please tell the referees that just because someone falls to the ice does not mean he was hooked or tripped and a penalty must be given to the closest opposing player. I saw Derian Hatcher get a penalty for not even touching anyone. I am all for calling legitimate hooks and trips but some games are refereed to the extreme and in the end hurts the flow and entertainment value of the game which seems counter productive to me.

So congrats to the NHL for fining Sean Avery $1,000 but lets be as serious about diving as you are about hooking, holding and tripping.