Game Predictions 11/7/2005

Just three games tonight but all should be entertaining games, especially Vancouver-Calgary. That one should be another tight battle like Saturday’s game.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
NY Rangers Pittsburgh NY Rangers Strong
Dallas Edmonton Dallas Good
Calgary Vancouver Vancouver Some

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  1. was just at he rangers game and I have to say that if the rangers did not have tom poti they would have won…..that guy is terrible (sorry, just very angry at the moment)

  2. I watched a lot of that game on TV. I can’t Poti gets all the blame (he was even while Malik was -2, Rozsival was -3). The Rangers best players weren’t their best players tonight and Sebastien Caron had a great game for the Penguins. If it weren’t for Caron the Rangers probably would have won.

    I found the referees very inconistant in this game. Generally they were letting the players play not calling too many penalties letting some deserved penalties go but then some of the penalties they called were pretty chintzy (i.e. Kasparitis’s on Crosby in the first and Murley’s late in the 3rd).

  3. Tom Poti was horrible, I believe four times when they had possesion in Pitts zone they passed the puck back out to him at the blue line and he mis-handled it thus ending the scoring threat. Especially when with 30 seconds left they pull the goalie and are getting off some great shots and he ruins it because he can’t recieve a pass. I knew there was a reason why everyone who sits in the 400 sections at The Garden hate him

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