Lightning but no Thunder

I was watching the Tampa-Atlanta game tonight and after the first period the showed a first period summary including goals, shots, PIMS, etc. They also showed hits. After 1 period Atlanta had 4 hits and Tampa had just 1. Yeah, that’s just 1 hit for Tampa in a whole 20 minute period. I thought that was a pretty low hit total and it got me thinking if this is normal for Tampa. It seems that Tampa doesn’t like to hit anyone.

November 1st vs Atlanta: 6 hits
October 29 vs Atlanta: 6 hits
October 28 vs Washington: 8 hits
October 26 vs New Jersey: 4 hits
October 21 vs Ottawa: 11 hits
October 20 vs Atlanta: 9 hits
October 16 vs Washington: 7 hits
October 15 vs Pittsburgh: 5 hits
October 13 vs Buffalo: 15 hits
October 10 vs Boston: 4 hits
October 8 vs Florida: 11 hits
October 7 vs Florida: 7 hits
October 5 vs Carolina: 11 hits

That’s a total of 104 hits in 13 games or an average of 8 per game. Two games that had just 4 hits. That is hard to believe. You play a whole 60 minute game and get just 4 hits. You’d think you could get 4 hits accidentally in a 60 minute game. Here are the hit totals for other teams in games tonight.

Atlanta: 11
New Jersey: 17
Pittsburgh: 9
Florida: 19
Montreal: 25 (Begin had 6 hits, equal to the whole Tampa team)
Boston: 23
Islanders: 16
Chicago: 19
Detroit: 13

And last night:
Toronto: 31
Florida: 34
Montreal: 13
Rangers: 5

Looking at a selection of some past Rangers games, 5 is not a normal total for them and they frequently get 15 or so hits. I haven’t looked at every team but it seems that Tampa is well below the league average when it comes to hits per game. Maybe when I get more time I’ll look into more detail the number of hits per game but from looking at a bunch of games it appears the average is probably around 15-16 hits per team per game. I am not sure how this compares with previous years but my gut tells me that 15 hits in a game would be low for a game in 2003-04.

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  1. That is a very interesting stat. If I get some free time I’d be interested in looking into how Hits correlates to Wins, and if there is any relation between the two. It would make sense that the more hits you have, the greater intensity you are playing with, and therefore leading to a higher chance of winning. Obviously this would be hard to do for each and every team, so I’d like to do it on a team or two to get an idea. Is there any site besides that you get these stats from?

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