Power Rankings 10/26/2005

I didn’t pick the Penguins to make the playoffs this year so to see them struggle is no real surprise for me but I am starting to really feel bad for them because this is much worse than anyone could have imagined and the fact they 5 of their 9 losses have come in overtime must make it even more frustrating for them since they have had opportunities to win. Maybe once they get their first win they will rack up a few wins in a row, but for now they remain at the bottom of the HockeyAnalysis.com power rankings.

I am curious what everyone thinks of these rankings. Are any teams ranked too high or too low for your liking or do they more or less look reasonable? Post your thoughts in the comments section.

Rank Team Win-Loss Power Rank
1 Ottawa 6- 1 14.2
2 Nashville 8- 0 13.6
3 Montreal 7- 2 12.9
4 Detroit 9- 1 12.9
5 Vancouver 8- 2 12.8
6 Toronto 5- 4 12.2
7 Los Angeles 7- 3 12.1
8 Buffalo 6- 2 12.0
9 Dallas 5- 3 11.7
10 NY Islanders 5- 4 10.7
11 Philadelphia 4- 3 10.6
12 Minnesota 5- 5 10.4
13 Carolina 5- 3 10.3
14 Florida 6- 4 10.1
15 Colorado 4- 5 9.7
16 NY Rangers 4- 6 9.5
17 Tampa Bay 4- 5 9.4
18 Phoenix 4- 7 9.3
19 Boston 4- 6 9.0
20 Calgary 4- 6 8.8
21 St. Louis 2- 7 8.7
22 New Jersey 4- 4 8.6
23 Atlanta 3- 6 8.4
24 Washington 3- 6 8.2
25 Anaheim 3- 6 8.1
26 San Jose 3- 6 8.1
27 Edmonton 3- 7 7.9
28 Chicago 3- 6 7.9
29 Columbus 2- 7 7.3
30 Pittsburgh 0- 9 5.2

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  1. I am still not sure the Preds should be ranked higher than Detroit. Detroit’s goal differential is 2.3 while the Nashville’s is only 1.375. With Vancouver as close to the Wings as they are I would bump them up a spot since they are the only team to beat the Wings so far this season. Both changes combined would put Nashville in 4th place which I am comfortable with. Until they start scoring more and beating their opponents in regulation or OT rather than shootouts I just don’t see them in 2nd place.

    As a Preds fan living in Northeast Tennessee I think this is an honest assessment 🙂

  2. I have found that your won-loss record is a far better indicator of your chances of winning a future game than your goals for, goals against differential so I don’t really factor goal differential (or domination of opponents) into the ranking system. I should probably factor in shootout wins but I am not really sure how I would do that. I could consider those games ties but then it wouldn’t accurately reflect that shoot outs are now a part of the game and if a team is better at shootouts then it should get the benefit for that.

    Detroit doesn’t get ranked higher than Nashville because most of their wins have come against bad teams. They beat St. Louis twice, Columbus twice, Calgary, Anaheim and San Jose. The only ‘good’ team they beat was Los Angeles but they lost to Vancouver. Nashville hasn’t had a very tough schedule either (which is why they are below Ottawa), but they have won all their games where Detroit hasn’t.

  3. These rankings are a create estimate of where the teams currently stand but for some, like San Jose for example, their record and even their GA doesn’t really reflect where this team really is right now. I’d argue as much for the Lightning as well, but they are at least in the middle of the pack. No way San Jose stays below the halfway mark. They’ll be much better. And like you pointed out, Pittsburgh probably doesn’t deserve to be under Columbus.

    Still, this is a real good reflection of where teams are at this very moment.
    Good stuff.

  4. Perhaps you don’t want to factor in goal differential, because the difference between winning a game by one goal or two (or even three) may be in the empty net – however – perhaps you do want to factor in overtime and shootout wins/losses. While the literal number of goals may not be able to tell you how close a game was, the overtime and shootout indicator can. Pittsburgh is a good example. While they won’t shoot up the rankings, it might boost them above a team like Columbus and not be a 2.1 in power rank (what seems like a good amount) behind them.

  5. They look good, but since I have a bias towards the rangers i’m going to disagree with where you have them. I know the tie-losses are not helping, but I’m confident they will turn that around. That can’t lose this many overtimes all season. Plus with Jagr predicting they would make the playoffs, and the way he is playing thus far, I kind of have to go by what he says because he can change the game so quickly.

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