Game Predictions 10/24/2005

My predictions were 0 for 3 yesterday which is a little dissapointing but overall I am fairly satisfied with my prediction results so far. Since I began making predictions here is my success rates for each confidence rating:

Strong Confidence: 19 of 24 – 79% success rate
Good Confidence: 10 of 15 – 66% success rate
Some Confidence: 6 of 15 – 40% success rate

I am happy with Strong and Good success rates since this is so early in the season and they would be better if you ignore the first few days of predictions, but I really hope the some confidence success rate increases. It should become more reliable as the year goes on but I am going digg into the numbers some more and see if I can tweak the formula some to improve it’s success rate. In any event, here are today’s game predictions.

Home Team Road Team Predicted Winner Confidence
Carolina Ottawa Ottawa Strong
Columbus Detroit Detroit Strong
Toronto Boston Toronto Strong

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  1. At what time u post your prediction picks, becuse im from europe and now is 17:00 and ur picks are not yet online, and i ask becuse i will like to see them before night around 18h?

  2. The quick answer is I post them when I get the time. Usually this is before noon eastern time but I make no guarantees of that. It just depends on how work and other commitments are taking up my time.

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