Welcome to HockeyAnalysis.com

Welcome to my new website which is a spinoff of my personal blog Different Thinking I found that I was writing a ton of hockey related articles and decided that maybe it would be best to create a hockey specific site. I intend to expand this beyond a personal blog though and hope to get sever other bloggers contributing articles as well. If you run a hockey blog yourself and want to cross post some of your stuff here or just feel like writing a hockey article for here exclusively click on “Become a contributor” in the menu to the right.

The focus of the website will be more analytical in nature and not just a redux of last nights hockey games or a regurgitation of stuff that can be found in the mainstream media. You can find that sort of thing everywhere and no need to add to it. It is my hope that the articles posted on HockeyAnalysis.com will dig deeper into the sport of hockey, and the NHL in particular. HockeyAnalysis.com will feature articles on a number of subjects from a detailed analysis of a teams strengths and weeknesses to winners and losers in the free agent market to how to best live in a salary cap world.

Over the next several days I hope to post a few original articles but in the meantime I have included a few posts previously posted on Different Thinking for you to read. Also, if you have any ideas of what you would like to see from HockeyAnalysis.com feel free to submit some suggestions in the comments to this post. Finally, feel free to jump into the message boards (click HockeyAnalysis.com Forums in the menu to the right) and start a hockey discussion going.

Oh, and if you operate a hockey related site and want to exchange links, click on Link Exchange in the menu for details on how to get a link to your site on HockeyAnalysis.com.

Thanks for visiting HockeyAnalysis.com.